Definition of the Canvs Impact Engine

The Canvs Impact Engine helps you understand what emotions are driving actions. It analyzes Emotional Reactions and hones in on the signal that is driving business KPIs, helping you understand how emotions drive fans to click, view and share. 

Canvs Impact Engine (CIE) is built on patent-pending technology that automatically identifies statistically significant correlations between Canvs-detected emotions and relevant business KPIs on Facebook. 

Overview of the Canvs Impact Engine in the Canvs Dashboard

To access the Canvs Impact Engine, navigate to any Owned Facebook Content page that you are tracking. 

From there, click on the leftmost tab on the Content page labeled "Impact". That will load the Canvs Impact Engine Dashboard.

From there, you will see the Canvs Impact Engine dashboard. This dashboard consists of 5 key sections:

  1. CIE Findings – The Findings panel details the insight that is selected from the "Most Recent Insights" Panel. By default, the Findings tab shows the latest CIE insight.
  2. Trend Alert  – Trend Alert will appear if the highlighted CIE finding emotion has been consistently impactful over the past 30 days. It is designed to quickly alert you to emotions that have consistently shown to be connected to business outcomes.
  3. Top Post Driving Emotional Impact – This section highlights the top post within the highest emotional rate. In addition to identifying the video that had the highest emotional rate, there is a word cloud of the top topics within that emotion, as well as a sample of Reactions. With these tools, you can quickly identify the post most representative of X, and drill into why people responded that way to the content.
  4. Outcome – The Outcome panel measures the magnitude of the relationship between changes in emotions and business KPIs. You can use this relationship to understand how impactful changing the emotional narrative of your content could be in driving business KPIs.
  5. Most Recent Insights – The Most Recent Insights panel displays a chronological list of recent CIE findings. Within this panel, there are 4 key components:
  1. Recent Impacts – For each week, there is potentially one Canvs Impact. You will see Recent Impacts ordered in chronological order. The "Active Finding" (the current selected Finding that is displayed in the Impact dashboard) is indicated by the gray shading. If a trend is identified (e.g. an emotion that has consistently impacted KPIs for 30 days) we will highlight it.
  2. Driving vs Suppressing – The Canvs Impact Engine can identify both positive and negative correlations between emotions and business KPIs. "Driving" indicates that CIE has identified a positive correlation, while "Suppressing" indicates that CIE has identified a negative correlation.
  3. Impact Date  – For each Impact within the Recent Impact Panel, we show the date of posts where the Impact occurred.
  4. Post Type – The post type is indicated by the icon above the Impact insight sentence (it is also written within this sentence). CIE can identify Impacts within a subset of post types, or across all posts within the timeframe.

Understanding More About What's Impactful

After Canvs identifies an Impactful emotion, we make it easy to explore this emotion in more detail. There are two paths to exploring Impactful emotions in more detail:

  1. Understand [Impactful Emotion] Reactions – Clicking this button navigates you to the Content page, with the impactful emotion toggled, the same time frame engaged, and the mode toggle set to "Rate". Essentially, it configures the content page to the same settings CIE used to generate the insight, allowing you to explore Reactions in great detail.
  2. Understand More About This Top [Post Type] – Clicking this button will navigate you to the relevant Content page with only the top post selected and Impact emotion selected. This allows you to study this post in great detail using all the features available on the Content page.

Example Understanding [Impactful Emotion] Reactions Landing Page

Example Understand More About This Top [Post Type] Landing Page

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