You can use Canvs to track one of the fastest growing content platforms on the internet – Facebook Watch. 

With our new, syndicated Canvs Watch product, you are able to discover trending content, identify top creators, and inform your content strategies with data. 

Discover What Content is Trending

Canvs Watch classifies all series by genre, allowing you to quickly benchmark and rank Facebook series against similar shows. 

This allows you to quickly understand "what's normal" for each genre of content, and also the top and bottom performing shows within that genre.

In this example, Comedy is the top performing Genre on Facebook Watch

Within Comedy, The Try Guys rank first  

Who Are The Best/Worst Creators?

Understand the creators who are getting the best return on investment from their Facebook Watch shows and who is falling flat.  

In this example, we see Kin Community is generating the most Emotional Reactions among Creators. 

Inform Content Creation

Identify content that is relevant and engaging for future production by learning what is leading viewers to watch for longer and why they are watching.

In this example, a significant number of Virtually Dating fans are eager to participate in the show. 

The Zombie experience was particularly impactful. Similar content in the future will likely perform well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Canvs track new Facebook Watch Shows? – Canvs is continuously tracking new series as they appear on Facebook Watch. If you experience issues finding your latest show, please reach out to
  • How frequently does Canvs update a Facebook Watch show with its latest comments? – Canvs will update all Facebook Watch posts with the latest comments daily for the first 10 days following its publication. 
  • How far back does Canvs track historical data? – We have historical data for Facebook Watch going back to September 1st, 2017.

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