The profile page empowers users to see their own user details, which includes:

  • Favorites
  • Facebook pages authorized
  • YouTube channels & playlists authorized
  • Instagram accounts authorized
  • Campaigns and Custom Analysis, if applicible

In the profile page, you are able to edit your profile details, turn off your Canvs notification emails, and authorize Facebook pages, YouTube channels and playlists and Instagram accounts.

Accessing Your Profile Page

You are able to access your profile page by going to the User Navigation dropdown located on the upper righthand corner and hovering over your name. Then, click on My Account. This will bring you to the Profile Page with your favorites displayed.

On the dropdown, you can also see Owned Facebook Data, YouTube data, Instagram Data, Custom Data and Campaigns as applicable.  These menu options will also bring you to the Profile Page, but you will see the specific authorized sets depending on what you've clicked.

Editing Your Profile

You make changes to you profile by clicking the Edit Profile button.

In here, you can change:

  • Your name
  • Your role
  • Your department

You can also change your password.

Favorites Tab

In the Favorites Tab, you are able to see datasets you have favorited all in one place. Here you are able to search for your Favorites, in addition to unfavoriting anything. You are able to do so by clicking on the orange star on the upper right hand corner of any show's title card. By clicking on a show's image, you will be taken to a particular series page view.

Owned Facebook & YouTube Tabs

Within the Owned Facebook, YouTube and Instagram tabs, you are able to see datasets and search for the Facebook pages, YouTube channels, YouTube playlists and Instagram accounts that your organization has authorized.

On the left side, you will see the option to authorize more channels or pages. These buttons will bring you to the authorization process.


On some pages, you will notice an unsubscribe button on each set. This button will stop the continuous ingestion of data for a particular YouTube channel or playlist or Facebook page. Please note that you are only able to unsubscribe from a set if you are the user that authorized it.

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