Now that you know the basics of Canvs' Content Page, let's discuss how to perform competitive analyses in the platform.

Introducing the Compare Page

Canvs' Compare feature is a powerful tool that allows you to combine multiple Canvs assets into one analysis. 

You can use the Compare Page to:

  • Analyze emotions cross-platform 
  • Measure Emotional Reactions to campaigns 
  • Create custom competitive sets

Getting Started with Compare

You can access Compare from the top left of any page in Canvs.

Compare will initially be empty, but you can click Add Comparison to add any Canvs source to your analysis. You can add up to 20 different Compare assets at a time, and each one can be individually customized. 

You can also change the metrics shown on Compare in the Metrics dropdown.

Analyze Emotions Cross-Platform

You can combine different Canvs sources to create a cross-platform analysis of your content. This gives you a 360° view of emotional responses, while also showing how emotions differ by source.

A Cross-Platform Analysis of Showtime's Series Shameless across Twitter TV, Facebook TV, and Instagram

Measure Emotional Reactions to Campaigns

You can also use Compare to understand how emotions trended over time. This is similar to the cross-platform example we shared, except this time we'll use Compare to measure content across different timeframes. You can use this to measure Emotional Reactions pre-, during, and post-campaign. 

Comparing Emotional Reactions to Pepsi's Facebook page pre, during, and post- Empire's Emerge campaign

By clicking the View More button at the upper right of the Aggregate Comparison Metrics section, you can also see how each source trended over time. 

Trending Reactions to Pepsi on Empire's Facebook TV Page and on Twitter TV during timeframe of the Emerge Campaign

Create Custom Competitive Sets

Compare is extremely useful for creating highly customized competitive benchmarks. Every time you add an asset to Compare, the page automatically creates an average that normalizes Emotional Reactions. You can use this to understand "what is normal" among your custom set of competitors.

To rank your competitive set, simply click on any metric. Compare will reorder all assets to show which one ranks first. Clicking again will reorder the page to show you which asset ranks last. 

Ranking the Most Loved Super Hero Netflix Shows on Twitter TV During the Week Each Premiered

Saving and Sharing Your Compare Sets

Canvs makes it easy to save and share your Compare sets. Simply click the Bookmark This button on the top right of the page and you'll be able to use this analysis anytime in the future. 

You can also Share your Bookmarks with anyone on your team who has a Canvs account. No more duplicative work!

Pro-Tip: You can also setup your Bookmarks to automatically update to show the latest data. Read all about it here.

What's Next?

Learn More About Advanced Compare Use Cases:

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