In order to track and analyze your owned Instagram account posts going forward, you must Authenticate the account in Canvs.

Select Instagram Data from your Profile dropdown in the far right of the application header.

Click on the Authorize Account button.

You will need to be logged in to Instagram for the owned account you are trying to add. Click Continue to Instagram

Once you log in to the owned Instagram account, click Authorize to allow Canvs to access your Instagram data. 

You will see a message that the account has been authorized. You can Log out of Instagram if you would like to authorize another owned account or Return to Canvs to view your data. 

Please note: As of Friday May 4th, 2018, Instagram shut off their public access to third parties vendors such as Canvs. You are able to collect data through Canvs if you are the administrator of the Instagram account. After July 31st, 2018, Instagram will switch to the new Instagram Graph API. This API will only pull data from Instagram Business Accounts that are connected to a Facebook Page.

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