The Multi-Select Emotions feature is designed to help you quickly aggregate Canvs' emotional breakdown to streamline reporting and insight creation. 

How Does Multi-Select Emotions Work?

On any Canvs content page, you now have the ability to successively click on emotional categories. This will group the results together, allowing you to trend an aggregated set of emotions over time, as well as see the total % breakdown of these emotions.

Example of Multi-Select Emotions on a Facebook Content Page

You can also use the Filter drop-down on the upper right of the page and use the Emotions filter to select the emotions you want. This can be helpful to select emotions that are so small that they don't account for 1% of the page's results. (Canvs only visualizes emotions that drive more than 1% of Reactions.)

Example of Multi-Select Emotional Filter on an Owned Facebook Content Page

How Do I Reset the Page When I've Selected Multiple Emotions?

Resetting the page is simple. You can click on the Clear All button on the upper right of the page. Or you can de-select specific emotions you have selected by clicking the upper left of the emotion in the filter selection.

Alternatively, you can click on the Clear Emotions button that appears on the upper lefthand side of the emotional breakdown when Multi-Select Emotions is engaged. You can also click on the small X on the upper right hand of each emotion to only deselect that specific emotion from your emotional grouping.

How Do I Use Multi-Select Emotions?

You should use Multi-Select whenever you want to aggregate, streamline, or simplify your emotional storytelling. Common use cases include: 

  • Grouping favorable and unfavorable emotions that specifically relate to your content (like grouping Sad, Cried, and Sentimental to measure the effectiveness of melancholic content).
  • Grouping particularly passionate emotions, such as Love, Hate, and Crazy.
  • Group emotional KPIs for your campaign (like Excited, Beautiful, and Crazy for your Super Bowl sports car ad).

Where Can I Multi-Select Emotions in Canvs?

Currently, Multi-Select Emotions is available on Canvs' Content page. It is available across all Canvs sources (Twitter TV, Owned Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram).

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