Use Case

You can use Canvs to measure lead-up to new seasons and analyze how your promotional efforts are impacting Emotional Reactions to your series.

Program Researchers and Marketers can use the Compare feature to measure Emotional Reactions to owned channel content alongside Canvs' earned, syndicated Twitter TV. In aggregate, this allows you to create a powerful cross-platform measurement framework to track and understand fan excitement around the lead up to a new season. Combined with year over year comparisons, you can understand how your changes in promotional strategy are performing to previous promotional efforts. 

Case Study

In the example below, we compared the the lead up to Seasons 1 and 2 of Stranger Things by analyzing Owned Facebook, Owned Instagram, and Twitter TV data for the six weeks leading up to the Season Premiere. 

From this Compare set we created, we saw that Stranger Things Season 2 generated almost 15 times more Emotional Reactions compared to S1. We also saw that there were 12 times the amount of owned channel posts promoting S2. This suggests that the decision to significantly increase owned content was successful in generating a strong emotional response from audience members in the lead up to S2.

Step-By-Step Guide

Select the first content page that you will analyze.

  1. Navigate to the Compare page. 
  2. Type in the name of the show or page that you would like to analyze.
  3. Select the content page.
  4. Enter the date range you would like to analyze. In this case, we have selected six weeks before the Season 1 Stranger Things premiere date. 

5. Click + Add Comparison and repeat steps #2 through #4 to add the same page for a different season or to add additional content pages (Twitter TV, Owned Youtube, Owned Facebook, and/or Owned Instagram)

Note: If you do not see a Youtube, Facebook or Instagram page, you may need to authenticate the page for your organization. See the the Tracking Owned Sources section of the How To Help Guide or contact to add the page for you.  

The Emotional Reaction Volume, Rate and other metrics can be analyzed side-by-side across platforms and time periods. 

Once you have all of the pages set up in Compare, you can further analyze the content. 

  • Click View More on one of your pages to see how the buzz on the individual content changes as the premiere date gets closer. View More displays a line graph of the specific Emotional Reactions associated with the platform and date range.
  • Click View More under the Aggregated Comparison Metrics section to view comprehensive cross-platform insights.

Compare can be used with various dates to not only track Excitement leading up to a premiere, but to identify potential danger signs or to survey Emotional Reactions around specific campaigns. 

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