Use Case

You can use Canvs to identify and understand how your fans are Emotionally Reacting to your show, and measure how these behaviors change season over season.

As Program Researchers, this allows you to understand how audience opinions change as your shows evolve.

Case Study

In the example below, we studied how fan Reactions to Elenor and Jasper have evolved over time for the E! series The Royals.

Fandom for "JaspEnor" was very high in Season 3, driving 6% of all Reactions for the series. Fandom around their relationship led to #JaspEnor being second most popular hashtag (behind only #TheRoyals).

To contextualize this finding, and to learn if this has increased from the previous season, we benchmarked this hashtag's performance to last season. Going back to Season 2, we saw that #JaspEnor was still the second most Emotionally Reacted to hashtag, but that it generated a smaller share of total Series Reactions. 

This suggests that Jasper and Elenor's relationship is increasingly becoming a focal point of emotional resonance for fans of The Royals.

Step-By-Step Guide

To look at Emotional Reactions for specific thematic Drivers, first go to the content page. Search for the name of the show and select it from the displayed list. 

The date will always default to the current week. Use the date selector at the upper-left portion of the page to select the Season recap.

  1. Click in the date selector to change the displayed data.
  2. Select the Season you would like to analyze.
  3. To look at all episodes, select Season Recap. This will analyze all episodes for the season you have selected.
  4. Click Apply to show data for Season 3.

By clicking on the Hastags tab, you can see that #JaspEnor accounted for 6.4% of all Emotional Reactions in Season 3, second only to the hashtag #TheRoyals. 

To look at the Emotional Reactions for Season 2 to contextualize the #JaspEnor hashtag trend, click on the Season 3 date selector and reconfigure it to analyze Season 2. Simply select Season 2 from the dropdown, and select Season Recap as before.

We can see that the #JaspEnor hashtag was still the second most popular hashtag but accounted for 4% of Emotional Reactions in Season 2. 

You can also filter Emotional Reactions to specific topics by clicking into the Search section on the content page. This allows you to dive even deeper into Emotional trends and measure how they change season over season.

Start typing in the search term you would like to include in your analysis. Canvs will display all Emotional Reactions that include any driver, topics or hashtags that you have selected.

The search filter allows you to locate include any misspelled or related topics/hashtags - for example jaspernor, #jaspenor, jaspenor, jaspanor, jaspanear, #jaspenorforever etc. You will see similar terms display  by beginning to type in the name of the topic you are interested in. You can also exclude topics you do not want to include in your analysis.

Select Apply when you have selected all of your filters. 

You will now only see the top Emotional Reactions for "JaspEnor" in Season 2 that match your keyword search terms.

If you change the date selection to analyze Season 3 Reactions results, Canvs maintains the same filters we have previously created to measure fan Reactions to "JaspEnor". We see that Love for Jasper and Elenor went up almost 10% season over season!

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